Calderdale Rising Target Reached

Calderdale Rising, first £150k Reached

The first target has been reached of £150k and as 2/3rd of the  money came from a specific source that cannot be match funded then only the money over the first £100k will be match funded. The Campaign ends this Friday at 1230 PM GMT and as such anything collected between now and that time will likely be match funded 1:1 so if say we reach the new extended target of £200k then potentially almost £3,000 could go to each business which would be great.



There is still time to help, the Logo has turned pink, above, and you are welcome to re-use it on your social networks. Yesterday we were using the hashtag #HappyValley as it was trending in the UK at least.

And SO many, many thanks to you if you have supported the campaign, promoted it and shared it amongst your friends and family.  There was a party on twitter amongst many of the businesses, followed by facebook, texts emails and, no doubt, a large ‘real’ party in due course! They, along with many other volunteers, have worked very hard to build this campaign into this success, with days to spare!

This campaign has meant so much to these businesses, knowing they are supported. Emails and messages I’ve received tonight from some of our businesses say that they had been thinking of winding up, giving up, and walking away from their business, but this campaign and the positivity surrounding it, gave them the motivation to carry on and rebuild.  And no amount of money can create that energy – it was the spirit that this campaign and this community gave them back.

So on behalf of all 103 businesses, their owners, their employees, their customers, their suppliers and the whole community – thank you!  We need these businesses to remain on our high streets, in our industrial estates and scattered throughout this valley.  And as the constant rain brings worries again tonight, this will only be the start of a long road back for some of them.

And onwards and upwards!

The target has been raised – because we like a challenge!  And we have beautiful gifts still to sell.  So we will keep the page open until Friday 12th at 12.30pm. Anything we raise from now on will be guaranteed. Please do continue to share and join in our celebrations.


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