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Robert A Williams manages the social media marketing, search engine optimisation and online listings of Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. If you are a local business or even any other sort of business with an online presence or looking to get yourself online then Robert A Williams can help raise your online visibility, increase your sales either through more visits to your bricks and mortar retail premises or via more purchases from your online shop, assuming that is you have a good pricing strategy online. All this and much more can be achieved through the use of Robert A Williams web consultancy services.

Robert also works at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge and yesterday he received a phone call from an overseas call centre and the conversation went something like this:-

Hello Sir, can you confirm your Business Details


We have your address as St George’s Square, Hebden Bridge

That’s wrong

Can you update it for us?

Where are you getting your information from?

We have an online database….

It’s clearly out of date

Can you update your address for us?

Hold on a minute, you are online and you cannot use google?

What do you mean?

So you have a Business Listing for us, it is clearly wrong, it is also on your site we have never asked to be listed on, having looked at your site it is clear you need some web design help and also help with marketing because your stats suck, my rates are £20 per hour?

Sir, I did not ask what your rates are, can you update your listing for us !

Well no, just go to google business and look us up, it’s easy, and I’m not interested in buying anything !

We are not selling you anything

Why are you phoning then? Seems a bit pointless, we have already established you can verify our business details through a simple google search.

The call adviser who is probably located somewhere in India then hangs up.

So here’s some advice for any of you that are regularly assailed by call centre staff pretending not to sell you anything, before the agent on the phone gets the chance to sell you something, simply turn the tables and sell them something instead. It works a treat.

If you need any web help or help with online marketing or web development projects then contact Robert A Williams


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