David Icke’s Latest – Divide and Rule

No matter what you may think of him David Icke quite often does talk some sense and in this trailer video his conclusion that a divided Global Society is on the way much like what he describes as a “Hunger Games Society” and with reference to the Grenfell Disaster, Mr Icke makes some important points. For one I do not think this is all conspiracy and anyway, simply by default, all conspiracies are born from fact.

Personally I do not think this divided 1% hugely rich governing the other 99% of the global population, who will be kept in poverty by the uber wealthy, is likely going to manifest in my lifetime. However, something potentially quite like it could come about in my Children’s lifetime.

Whatever you may believe it is worth being open on what David Icke is saying in this video:-

So what do you believe now? What is happening in the world where you live ?

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