England is Mine Film Review

What a load of rubbish.
A film that existed truly on a middle section with no beginning and no end.
I regret not walking out as I feel a part of my life was wasted watching one of the worst films I have seen in a decade. Notably two friends of mine who attended the film separately from me walked out about halfway through; and had I chatted to my friend that I attended the film with then we would have walked as well. Unfortunately this did not happen as talking during a movie is a big no-no for me.

Morissey like a lot of us had a troubled teenage period and early 20s and it was only the woes in his life that were depicted in the film. Making England is Mine a completely unbalanced perspective on his life.

There was some artistic license in swirling dark river water appearing on random occasions pointing to possibly Stephen’s desire to end is life. I wouldn’t say the film was dark, there was one funny line in it. You were left waiting in muted anticipation that some thing in the story line would change and instead were just shown a film that was made seemingly entirely of a middle section with no beginning and no end.

Personally it took a long time for me to like Morissey’s voice and that was primarily due to an ex from many lives ago. Now when I listen to The Smiths it makes me feel quite upbeat as I understand the undercurrent of the Lyrics as primarily a piss-take on the maya of life and the suffering associated.

A review from a more in depth perspective of the artist and Manchester is made by Roger Ebert ,though nonetheless scathing of the content and overall view of the Film. 

To close then “England is Mine”, simply do not bother, I wouldn’t even go and see it if it was free and to know that I paid to watch¬† it at Hebden Bridge Picture House simply adds to the pain of the experience.

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