Facebook’s Brexit probe uncovers three Russian-bought “immigration” advertisements

Facebook has offered more details about the level of Russian digital disturbance associated to the UK’s Brexit vote in 2015.

Russian accounts posted nearly 45,000 messages referring to the EU referendum in the 2 Days around the vote.Update: A Google representative has now provided the list below reaction– declaring not to have discovered any proof of Russian disinformation ops.”We took a comprehensive take a look at our systems and found no proof of this activity on our platform,” they told us.Social media’s still unaudited role in political campaigning looks

set to remain in the domestic spotlight for the foreseeable future– as the Commission continues to investigate.Though it remains to be seen whether the body will advise changing UK law to better regulate political activity on digital platforms.The UK’s Prime Minister waded into the disinformation dispute herself last month by publicly implicating the Russian federal government of seeking to”

weaponize details “by planting phony stories and photoshopped images to aim to sow discord in the West.And the so-far disclosed level of Russian dissentious content targeting the United States electorate– which in October Facebook admitted might have reached as many as 126 million individuals– must give political leaders in any democracy plenty of pause for believed about significant tech platforms.Featured Image: Evgeny Gromov/Getty Images

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