Fasting Days 3 and 4 – A Fight ?

If I was in a monastery, on a retreat, or in some spiritual place it would be a lot easier to fast, this much I know. Fasting Days will pass with greater ease and flow. There are fewer distractions, certainly fewer temptations and I would be supported by the general nature of the place and the energies that went with it.

Being a functioning member of society, working, a father, being active and moving from place to place, and fasting, is a lot harder, though perhaps it is more revealing.
The challenges are more in your face and sometimes it is hard not to throw the towel in as you feel like you are often in a bout with a professional wrestler and he’s obviously got the upper-hand.

Day three of the Fasting Days was OK really, in many ways easier than day two. I did a bit of work in the morning and bit more in the afternoon, drank hot water when I worked and as a special treat had Sparkling Water. It seems like when you are in the Zone of Fasting: that is the food cravings and possible aversions have passed away, and all you have is sensation without labelling, then the passage of time and also the problems and complications around melt into an insignificant nothingness. Unfortunately most of the time it is not like this and rather like the battle with the wrestler.

Day four was interesting as I took myself off to a different environment, Preston. And it was sunny. I was shocked. (People told me later on it was not sunny in Hebden Bridge, at this point I could go into a rant about the weather in Hebden Bridge. Lucky for you I am not going to!) I met a friend who I had never met before, if that sounds a bit odd then I will explain it in another post later on, and we sat outside a cafe, chatting and watching the world go bye. He was drinking a latte and I said “blimey that smells good”. Before we sat down, he asked what I wanted and I said a water. Thinking he would probably get still and I would rather have sparkling, he returned brandishing a bottle of sparkling water. Great.¬†

When I went into the Cafe the cakes caught my eye, the coffee smelt amazing and it was interesting to look at the array of food there whilst at the same time knowing I was not having any. To observe what sensations arose during these fasting days.
I went to go to the Toilet and felt like I was bursting for a pee, which is unsusual for me though can be a side effect of ketosis (more about ketosis in another post). The men’s was engaged, i waited. I could wait no longer I used the ladies. I am really hoping that’s not going to have any karmic aftermath as I did put the seat down when I finished and I didn’t pee on the porcelain so hopefully all is good.

My biggest challenge yesterday was walking back to Preston Train Station and I saw a Falafel stand, one of my favourite foods is Falefel and it smelt so good. I was hard pushed to not visit and simply walk on by. Then we got to The Train Station and the West Cornwall Pasty Stand which Mick draw attention to, saying he was wanting one of them, though he was pushing his body into a state of ketosis and so wasn’t able to have the bad carbs associated with the Pasty outer shell. Also yesterday I didn’t have a poo, which isn’t a major concern as I’m not eating anything though I do feel that there’s more crap in my bowels to come out, which means only one thing enema time !!

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