Here’s how to turn off autoplay videos on Facebook and Twitter

Autoplay could be annoying.
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Autoplay videos may be one of probably the most frustrating areas of social networking feeds.

Twitter and facebook turn this setting on automatically to juice the vista figures for publishers and advertisers. However for users, it may be annoying at the very least and, in some instances, downright disturbingespecially around violent news occasions.

But there’s hope. It requires under one minute to disable this selection on apps and sites alike. We have damaged lower the steps for every platform.



Click on the downward carrot icon within the upper righthand corner of the house screen, and choose “Settings.” Choose “videos” in the menu around the far left, then switch the setting for “Auto-Play Videos” to “Off.”

Mobile (iOS)

In Facebook’s iOS application, choose the icon of three lines within the lower right corner, then Settings&gtAccount Settings&gtVideos and Photos&gtAutoplay, and choose “Never Autoplay Videos.”

Mobile (Android)

The steps for Android are identical except the autoplay option is incorporated in the first settings menu.



Click your avatar within the top right corner, then select “Settings and privacy.” Click “Ease of access” in the very bottom from the column around the left after which uncheck “Video autoplay.”

Mobile (android and ios)

Within the Twitter application, select your avatar within the top left corner then stick to the same steps.

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