Independent Shops

Luckily Hebden Bridge is awash with Independent Shops and one of the reasons is that the residents of Hebden Bridge are very pro independent shopping.
Hebden Bridge even won the Great British High Street Awards recently

However, the rest of the Country is not so pro Independent Shops and rather pro the cheapest shops available, this is an example of a response I had from managing Silly Billy’s Toy Shop EBay shop about the postage charges of a particular item:

Just wondered why your courier charges are so high? If you contact CCL Tel: 0XXXXXX and speak to XXX – she will get you a great contract deal far cheaper than you are using (up to 30 kg for under £10.00 & that’s signed for – door to door!) There are no hidden charges or small print – Will make you look better as a seller !
I send parcels regularly and I’ve used them for 5 years and highly recommend them – mention that i directed you 
If you can lower the postage i would like to bid on this item for my gran-daughter.
Kind regards

So My response was:

“We use the Local Post Office,
Item will be sent Parcelforce
Packed by hand
Costs include packaging and the sum it costs to send over 2KG via Pracelforce
We don’t use cheap couriers as we wish to see the UK post office stay open and cheap couriers threaten it’s closure in the same way Supermarkets have seen the closure of Independent shops like ours (Silly Billy’s Toy Shop)
Thanks for contacting us


Next the response to this from XXX was:
“Fair enough…..not thought of it in that way before….good on you for sticking to your principles xx”

To me this suggests that many people don’t even consider the consequences of cheaper shopping choices. One such consequence is Buxton, when I last went there seemed to be a street that was dedicated to charity shops, wouldn’t have been so bad apart from it was The High Street !!

So people, why not think a bit before you go to the Cheapest Courier, buy the cheapest watch on Amazon or any other sort of shopping.
Think before you buy is the simple message here.


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