Korean pilots demand 37% pay raise, or they may go to China

(CNN)Travelers traveling to Columbia should look out for a potential pilots’ strike within the next couple of days.

About 1,900 people of Korean Air’s two pilot unions will election on whether or not to accept the pay rise provided by management — 1.9% over 2015 levels — by The month of january 29.

The suggested increase is a lot less than exactly what the unions are demanding — a 37% raise.

    “Korean Air’s pilot’s annual wages are about $116,000, excluding welfare benefits, which is one of the top 1% when it comes to salary in Korea,” Nathan Cho, manager of Korean Air Corporate Communications told CNN.

    “A 37% increase could be equal to $41,000 — that is round the average earnings of an ordinary worker in Korea and also the request is unacceptable.”

    Search engine optimization Sang-won in the Korean Pilot Union, among the protesting unions, defended their position. “Our demand is legitimate as the organization froze or inched in the pay increase rate in the last couple of years.”

    The 2 parties have held five negotiations since last October.

    The unions stated that there might be an incomplete walkout when they neglect to achieve a contract following a election in the finish of the month.

    Global interest in pilots

    Search engine optimization cautioned when the Korean industry does not up its wages, more pilots is going to be influenced to work elsewhere, especially to China.

    Based on Korea Times, the typical wage of the Korean Air pilot is just one third of this compensated to Chinese pilots.

    “About 140 pilots left Korean Air this past year and 40 pilots included in this chose Chinese airlines,” Search engine optimization stated.

    As a result of the business’s high turnover rate, Cho stated it “is a trend for a long timeInch within the global aviation niche for cockpit crews to maneuver with other airlines.

    Korean Air is diversifying its way to obtain pilots, including developing its very own training course with Korea Aerospace College, Cho added.

    Korea’s aviation industry has observed a 6% yearly growth previously 5 years. It is not the only real nation facing fierce competition because of the lack of pilots.

    A recent report by Boeing forecast which more than 500,000 new commercial pilots is going to be needed within the next twenty years, by which 226,000 new cockpit crew is going to be necessary for Asia.

    It has been greater than a decade since Korean Air last faced a significant pilot strike. Greater than 200 flights were canceled because of the dispute in 2005.

    Find out more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/25/aviation/korean-air-pilot-pay-dispute/index.html

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