Nespresso Coffee – How Good is it?

Sadhguru says that coffee has a bad affect on your prana. I feel this is true if, like anything, it is overdone. I don’t feel, now at least, that one or two coffee’s a day does any harm to your spiritual evolution. Nonetheless, anything that we put into our bodies with addictive qualities like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, need to have a great deal of investigation by the self to see whether they will actually harm you any way.

I feel there are many Guru’s on the planet, Sadhguru is one. I have met him a couple of times, sat almost ten feet from him at an event in Berlin and there is definitely something unquestionably powerful, that cannot be labelled, about his presence. I don’t know for a fact whether he drinks coffee or not.

As I stopped smoking cigarettes, taking narcotics of any sort, stopped drinking alcohol, my major vice, and I also stopped drinking coffee ten years ago.
I stopped drinking coffee as there was a a massive association between coffee and cigarettes for me, they were a staple of my life for a good two and a half decades ! I stopped drinking coffee for about 8 years, I stayed stopped with the other substances. Then I got into coffee again in a big way, then I stopped again. In the past 6-8 months I have started drinking coffee again. I like decent flavourful coffee and my lovely children brought me a Nespresso Coffee Maker for Christmas. This did raise some concerns for me regarding the environmental damage of coffee pods and then today I came across this article:

nespresso coffee

Now obviously that is a concern and I have signed the petition. Some of the coffee that is in the Nespresso Coffee Pods is exceptionally good I must admit and I may have to go a long way to find similar. However, rather than return my great gift there is a solution at hand:
Reusable Nespresso Coffee Pods

So is coffee bad for you, well it really depends how much you drink and why you are drinking it. If you have never even deliberated the questions of “how much coffee am I drinking and whether or not it might be bad for me”, then I would probably say, “it’s bad for you”

I am questioning my consumption and the impacts that it has having on ┬áthe planet and sadly I am probably not taking as much affirmative action as I probably could. I suppose though I am taking some action so that is better than none and perhaps looking at the presents you have received over the festive period and the environmental impact they might be having, like Nespresso Coffee Pods, could be one way in which you assist this planet’s recovery from the damage done to her by mankind thus far.

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