People Are Freaking Out Over This Tweet About Outback Steakhouse Being Controlled By Satanic Cult

That old maps showing a ‘questionable’ keeping Outback Steakhouse establishments originated in a 2012 meme, that was apparently shoved underneath the table or covered up by someone effective till now….

  • 1

    Say whaaat now?

    IMG 1 TT

    Via: @eatmyaesthetics

  • 2

    After which this shining moment of stellar social internet marketing happened:

    IMG 2 TT

    Via: @eatmyaesthetics

  • 3

    Still though, there’s an excessive amount of evidence…

    IMG 3 TT

    Via: KnowYourMeme

  • 4

    IMG 4 TT

    Via: KnowYourMeme

  • 5

    IMG 5 TT

    Via: KnowYourMeme

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