Robert A Williams – Writer Day 3

Challenge of Self-Promotion Day 3 – Robert A Williams Writer

I thought it might be an idea to write 30 days of posts of shameless self-promotion for myself [Robert A Williams] to help the cause as it were.
To help increase my own online visibility in the process and perhaps gain some more paid work as a result of my efforts, today’s post is about writing.

I have been writing seriously since I was about 12 so that’s probably around 40 years although I have had some years off here and there.
I started writing a Diary when I was around 12, it mainly contained anecdotal reviews about how awful Secondary School was.
I did not particular like Secondary school at all; and much like my youngest child I struggled badly for the first three years and then in years 4, and 5, now known as ten and eleven, things picked up. I continued to write and as I did so my writings vastly expanded from a small diary at age 12 to an A4 diary and another 1000 words or so each day by the time I was 18. Certainly over the time of me writing a diary through all of my teenage years and into my early adulthood I probably wrote a few million words by the end.

Now I write content for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Blog, some content on my own Blog here and obviously as mentioned in the First Post of the thirty, quite a lot on TripAdvisor.

I enjoy writing observations on life and here is one post I wrote about a conversation I had with a member of staff at a call centre

I have also run a group on Facebook for writing and am going to start up another one towards the end of August which will have writing challenges and the like. I am hoping that after the success of the First Facebook Writing Group, which ran for a month; that the new one  will be even longer lived and hopefully run for a year. Well, that’s the plan.

If you are interested in joining the upcoming Facebook Group or want to contact me for any other reason, perhaps to help with blog content or other writing tasks then please fill out this form:



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