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Challenge of Self-Promotion Day 1 – Robert A Williams TripAdvisor

So I thought it might be an idea to write 30 days of posts of shameless self-promotion for myself [Robert A Williams] to help the cause as it were. Increase my own online visibility and perhaps gain some more paid work or free dinners as a result.

Like any job there are aspects of the creative part of writing content and creating posts online that I like a lot, and others that I like not so much.

One particular writing style that I like is writing reviews of places I have been and food I have eaten, restaurants I have visited and so on; and I have been doing this for a couple of years on the TripAdvisor platform. I have been active on TripAdvisor for 2.5 years now and Robert A Williams TripAdvisor Profile has¬†a readership level of 50,000 which isn’t too bad really.
Robert A Williams Tripadvisor

My next real Goal on TripAdvisor is to achieve 55,000 Readers, not sure how long that will take, though anyone reading this could head over to Robert A Williams TripAdvisor Profile and read some of my reviews and also give them a helpful vote if you feel that is appropriate.

For some time now finances have been a struggle and that does seem to be a theme in my life so perhaps one day an excellent TripAdvisor profile like the one I am developing might result in some regular free dinners.

So why not head over to My TripAdvisor profile and have a read:


TripAdvisor is a great resource for discovering about places to eat and things to do and see. I have never used them to book anything though I would think that the service would be good as they seem a reputable site. I use TripAdvisor myself regularly when visiting new places and like I say I do like to write Reviews on the places I have personally visited.

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