Solicitors and Other High Level Professionals

I have been dealing with a particular group of solicitors for nearly ten years now. They are OK. In the end they get the job done.
However, when costs are high and charges ranking at £60 per hour or more, that is £1 per minute for those who might have missed that simple mathematical formula, then I would expect some sort of decent customer service.

I work in a Customer focussed environment and have done all my working life in one way or another. Anything from retail sales, tele sales, IT Support 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line; project management and dealing with companies and individuals. Small business and large.

It comes as a great surprise then that Legal Professionals can get away with so much. In my case I have experienced lengthy delays, months, in getting simple questions answered. Can this be done, can that be done ? My last letter I wrote and sent to Senior Partners at the firm in question and no-one has even had the common bloody courtesy to reply back and say we have received your letter.
Perhaps the Postal System in the UK has become so bad that they have not even received the said letter. To check if that’s the case I have sent them an email and I am now waiting for a reply to that.

No matter how you look at it or how you paint it, this level of Customer service is awful. If I took a similar approach in the Shops in which I have worked I would not sell any products and we would go out of business. So what is the problem ?
Solicitors and Legal Professionals, anyone of you reading this, yes you have skills and knowledge and yes you can command large sums for it, however please do not forget you are in a service industry, you are serving members of the public, in this case me. It really does not help when you do not communicate or communicate poorly with those people that are paying your bills.
It simply adds to their stress and anxiety.

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