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Do you remember back in the day when a man came to the door to collect a piece of paper in which your parent chose where the Ball Might be shot towards the goal in “Spot The Ball”, and alongside that there were the Football Pools, where a selection of bets could be placed to win big. Well, as far as I know the Football Pools have stopped in that form and now, instead, plunged in the midst of the digital age we have online betting syndicates. One such provider is Colossus Bets and they provide a tremendous and exciting service. You can play on your own or in a betting group (syndicate).

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I have been playing at Colossus Bets for a few weeks now and am just about breaking-even, though it’s not so much about winning BIG, although that would be good, as the amount of fun you can have. So Football Syndicates are created by various “Captains”, there are some Captains that do better than others and my Captain Name is CLEVER BETS, if you are interested in joining in with the fun then follow this link and use the Code BetterTips4U when you sign up, which will enable a gateway to even more fun !!


Here is a top tip before you start your Colossal Colossus Journey with sports pools betting,
Please follow these Captains:


If you would like more information before you join in, then there are some great reviews on Colossus Bets out on the inter-web and you can read more about Colossus here.

If you want greater clarity on how the whole process works then please read the Colossus Bets FAQ as the sports pools betting process is easily laid out in there.

Lastly if you would like to join in with the whole process then please do using the information below:


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