Top Ten Enlightenment Tools

Self-Realisation Top Ten

I said I would write down the Top Ten “things” that I consider necessary for the path to self-realisation or enlightenment, many of these tools are free, some are not, some of the costs put on the tools may seem excessive, yet they are priceless in terms of your own development:

  1. Stop all Drugs (including regular tobacco smoking) and also including alcohol
  2. DO A TEN DAY Vipassana Course, continue if you are drawn to it
  3. Follow someone alive who you feel has a spiritual resonation with you and who you can learn from, alive examples: Sadhguru, Rupert Spira, Prajna Ginty, ME, perhaps
  4. DO Meditate, eventually life itself will become your meditation
  5. Get your ASSEMBLAGE POINT sorted out
  6. Watch Less Television, don’t believe the news
  7. Try Holosync, it works
  8. Fast, especially at Full Moon and New Moon, it energetically makes a difference,
  9. Be Kind to yourself
  10. Get your BARS done and investigate Access Consciousness if you feel drawn to Access then Gary and Dain do a weekly radio show.


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