When I was in my early twenties I travelled a lot. I ended an aspiring career in the construction industry and bought a ticket to Bangkok. In general I had a fantastic time and enjoyed myself immensely. I met some amazing people, saw some outstanding sights and learnt a lot. In many ways travelling really helped to broaden my world view. I encourage my children to travel and really hope they will if the travel-bug invades them.

When I eventually landed back in Blighty, probably after three years, as I had an interim year of returning to earn enough money to leave again, I was in a pretty positive frame of mind. I decided to go to University to study as a mature student. This was probably when life started to go the wrong way for me. Looking at my astrology for that period with hindsight there were some difficult transits around that time, in fact there was a period of sade-sate which I did not deal with well and instead reacted to which lead in turn to a downward spiral of my own life and resorting to alcohol to try and make sense of the world around me. As anyone who has taken the alcoholic route to deal with life would know, this does not work. In fact what it does do is make matters worse.

Again I am coming into a period of Sade Sate and hopefully I will travel through it with less hiccups than I did in my earlier life. In fact to me it does not seem that my life is a transition of ages though rather a rolling on of lifetimes and again I feel that the lifetime I had in the travel period was completely separate to the lifetime I am living now. Again my life as a functioning alcoholic is again completely different and separate to the life-time I am living now. In many ways the life I had five years ago seems completely different to the life I have now, although in many practical and material ways there is no difference between the two. Now, living life with two dependant children at home, a third who is no longer dependent and a 4th who seems to have become a surrogate daughter means that I have no opportunity for travel to foreign places for a good length of time and instead all the travel I do is in the exploration of (my) self.

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