A Challenge to Write

A Challenge to Write

A friend of mine, Annie Conboy, has admirably been blogging daily for 382 days to date !!
An extremely impressive statistic. Annie’s latest post is www.annieconboy.net/exploring-energy-2017
Annie invited me to join a writing group on Facebook and hopefully this will help me to write regularly and overcome my own challenge to write

This morning I was getting a train early and often when I catch trains I feel inspired to write, whereas at other times I find it quite A Challenge to Write. I am unsure why this is, perhaps it’s because I am outside of the valley in which I live or perhaps it’s something else. Anyway here is what I wrote this morning:-

It’s funny, the only time I desire to write is when I am on a train.
Heading back to what people call lovely Hebden Bridge, and a place I do not think of as home. Though come to think of it the only place I think of home now is inside of me rather than outside of me.
It has been a rough ride really one way and another, my life. A troubled childhood, leading to a young adulthood that was spent, in the main, trying to work out and come to terms with the earlier childhood troubles, when that didn’t really work a lot of alcohol was imbibed and later on quite a large amount of prozac, as well as various illicit drugs in-between.

This Life

Ever since I was very young I have had the feeling that this (life) isn’t quite it. Now in various ways the old masters will say, ah but this is all there is, and there is a very fundamental truth in that approach. Yes, this is all there is. You have the cards you have been dealt, though that does not mean you cannot throw them back on the table or even get up and leave the game.
The life that we are told about when we are young is really not all that, oh strive to become some sort of succesful person, usually in some sort of financially way. Money flows, that’s about all anyone really needs to know about it. Though some people are more adept at swimming in the flow, whereas others may be reeds at the side of the river bending in line with the flow, or people like me who cannot even see the bleedin river half the time. Don’t you hate analogies? They serve a purpose I suppose though most of the time, for me, they are simply annoying.

I have pretty much stopped any formal practice, I strive to not be carried backwards and forwards through the destructive time minefield created by mind. Nonetheless I still get angry some times, though seldom upset or hurt. I don’t know for sure, yet I feel that this is some sort of progress. So many people are upset, as I get older, or perhaps as I become more aware, I start to see the upset and hurt that people carry with them¬†more and more, and if I were to take some sort of ownership for it I would probably be very upset most of the time myself. I can see it in people, driving their cars with a lack of focus and a face that looks like a wet kipper. People walk past me in the street, shoulders slumped looking at the floor.
It’s all quite sad really.

#BE_WELL Robert A Williams


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