Astrology Surrounding Manchester Bombing

My good friend and one of the best Astrologer’s alive today had this to say about the Manchester Bombing.

Both Michael and I slept very badly on the night’s of Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd May 2017 and we both were kept awake by what can only be described as horrible planetary energies.

Michael Conneely was fascinated that the trigger for the sad attack was the Moon approaching transiting Uranus.
Uranus has of course recently entered Vedic Aries.

And the last time this happened, this prompted the burning of the Reichstag, then the rise of Adolph Hitler and then World War.
That was an exceedingly sad time for the planet and the human race indeed and all we can hope for in these troubled times is that a similar Tyrant does not rise and manipulate people as Adolf Hitler once did, there are many Astrological similarities between Adolf Hitler, Theresa May and Donald Trump !

More than that, Says Michael, Mercury recently retrograded to station conjunct this Uranus.
That was a couple of weeks ago, and Mercury is now moving forward again.
At this time Mercury is still in Ashwini and Vedic Aries, and still conjunct Uranus.

AND weirdly, the Ascendant for the time of the terrorist attack is right on Mercury in the chart of Great Britain.

So the energy prompting the terror attack is about the horrible energy combination of Mercury with: Uranus in Aries.

Of course this energy definitely does have its inspirational side as well, by the way.
It all depends on the different ways different people experience and handle and express it.

As Michael Conneely is exceedingly busy right now he did not have time to write a dedicated piece on his Astrology Blog concerning the Manchester bombing, though very unfortunately from an Astrological point of view and also other points of view it is simply a sign of the times.
A Sign of the Times AstrologicallyIf you are interested in studying astrology with Michael Conneely then take a look at this post

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