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A Blockage to Tarot has Arisen

It is a strange event that about 4 weeks ago I bought a Tarot course online with Biddy Tarot and then received from nowhere a peculiar block to Tarot. That is a block to picking up the cards or even trying to get involved with Tarot. I am not sure why this is, I am just not trying to force anything to happen. I came across a nice Tarot Deck called the Wild Unknown Tarot and picked it up for the first time today and drew two cards from the deck:
The Nine of Pentacles and the Daughter of the Same.

These cards are really very positive with as a brief description the Nine of pentacles representing diligence leading to a rich reward or a lifestyle that has a degree of opulence rewarded after a great deal of hard work and the daughter of pentacles which is also the Page of Pentacles in more traditional decks and symbolises manifestation and a possible new job opportunity. Well to that end a while back I purchased a new domain name which I hope to turn into a thriving business, as yet it is a website in development so very little has happened with it. My question though is why such blocakages occur and whether they can be unblocked by creative writing as I am trying now. I have tried other actions like meditation and energy healing though so far to no avail, perhaps now though by writing about this blockage to Tarot I can hopefully overcome it.

When I started to do Tarot back in August I received a really good reception from the people that I read for and so to get me back on track if anyone is interested in having a reading then I will happily pull a few cards on any question. Don’t please ask about future dates as the cards cannot predict such and anyone who says they can is not being true. If you need some sort of timing based knowledge then I really suggest you contact my good friend Michael Conneely and purchase an Astrology Reading from him.

If you are interested in getting a Tarot Reading from me then please fill out the form below, please note your email will be kept for future mailouts from myself and not shared with others



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