Bloody Blocks

My friend, and Astrologer, Michael Conneely has been writing about the energies of 2017 including events of Kai Sarpa Yoga and Saturn transits of Sadi Sate. The in-depth Astrological knowledge he has is some times a littlke beyond my understanding and so I have to go and do some additional research. If you are interested in Astrology at all then I wwould really suggest you have a look at Michael’s Blog on the subject.

Yesterday, as I mentioned in Annie Conboy‘s Writing Group, I had the most awful blocks to writing anything, or in fact doing anything. Where I work is next to a river and on occasion I considered throwing myself in it, not to kill myself but to change my outlook. I have little doubt that Astrological influences have a significant affect upon my life and as such my own charts do not present an easy passage through this life.

I find that it is hard to deal with blockages when I am in the throes of work, or when I have to be doing something else. Ways I have found to un-block myself are changing my viewpoint, so putting myself in a completely different position to the one I am experiencing the block in, e.g in the example of the river I would be in a position of being cold, wet and muddy. Another way is through meditation and observation, that is just feel the blockage allow it to be and then it passes away; some times faster than at other times

Blocks can have so many different reasons that it is not worth going into them all here, and the blockage I experienced yesterday was predominantly due to feeling just plain sad about my lot. There are a lot of other people that are in worse off positions than me, I realise that. Though that goes no way into changing how I feel. I have experienced quite terrible events this life-time and a lot of me wants to have the sensation of freedom that I felt as a child. The sense that anything is possible. Now it feels like not that much is possible, and I am fully aware that in feeling that way I also limit what is possible ! So what to do?


That is the only thing to do in such situations, change perspective, change viewpoint, even if only by pretending. Pretend to be happy in the face of financial adversity, pretend to be happy as you get diagnosed with a year to live and all such other events. Eventually the pretense will change to reality. I am suggesting pretense as a last resort. When all else fails. This is a different approach to covering up potential unhappiness and is rather simply walking about “turning that frown upside down”. Seems to be a favourite turn of phrase that my lovely Girlfriend has at the moment! 


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