Calderdale Rising Day Five

Calderdale Rising Day Five

Kirsty McGregor has cleverly organised and coordinated the Crowdfunding Campaign for flood affected Calderdale Businesses.

This is an update from Kirsty on Day Five of the Campaign, I am coordinating publicity for the CrowdFunding page for people to donate to help us reach our target and help small businesses that have been so badly affected by the Floods of 26th December 2015. My specific focus has been with Silly Billy’s Toy Shop where I work. If you are interested in my SEO and SMM Services then take a look at my website.

This is the latest press release I wrote for Silly Billy’s

Day 5 on way to £113k and 187 backers…conversion rate for info (pages views to pledges) is 4%. I asked if that was okay & Crowdfunder replied:

“The average conversion rate is 5%, so considering you will be getting a fair bit of ‘looky-loo’ traffic due to being featured on the page – that’s really fantastic!”
We are currently not the featured project – they have some big ones coming soon too, so we’ll need to keep on the home page now really by being the most popular. And obviously continue to drive traffic to the page where we can. So if you’re happy tweeting & facebooking & emailing and sending trade press releases, please keep that up!

·Some brilliant coverage in Guardian Small Business today, after we sent them our press release (almost reproduced word for word by the way)! and James from Afghan Rug shop was interviewed as part of that too ….and we’ve today sold one of their rugs, our largest reward currently on the page!

I’ve also heard from lots of you that you are getting coverage in various publications – online & print. Pls send me any links & then we can share the joy!

· There has been regional support from Welcome to Yorkshire and we’ve now received this quote which we can use in future press:

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said:
“This sterling effort by the Calderdale community will really help businesses that were so badly affected by the recent floods and I urge everyone to show their support. By visiting affected businesses as they re-open and also supporting other local businesses, individuals can help to spread the message that Yorkshire remains open for business.”

We all know that visitors to Yorkshire receive a fantastic welcome, and we want to remind people that nothing has changed since the floods. As you visit businesses across the county, please share your experience using #YorkshireWelcome
And I’ve suggested they focus on pushing the rewards that are more suitable for visitors/tourists – and those are starting to be really popular now.

· I’ve been concentrating on pushing some other specific rewards on twitter and I’ve had a lot of retweets by CAMRA and Beer Festivals for the Bridestones offer and still pushing the ebook for first time buyers to the estate agency & property markets for them to retweet.

· I’m going to review the rewards tomorrow and maybe mix them up a bit to freshen up the page and allow us to target other specific audiences too. So I’ll let you know if we include yours next.

· We’ll have a whole load of new businesses joining the campaign from Friday – as I’ve stated earlier, they’ll not receive as large a share as the businesses that have been in from launch, but it’s good that we can include as many as possible. We’ll stick with this final group then from Friday until the end of the campaign. The deadline has now passed to be included on Friday & I’m currently reviewing the latest registrations and collating the info we’ll need from them for their Business Story.

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