Challenge of Self-Promotion Day 4 – Techie

Challenge of Self-Promotion Day 4 – Robert A Williams Techie

I thought it might be an idea to write 30 days of posts of shameless self-promotion for myself [Robert A Williams] to help the cause as it were.
To help increase my own online visibility in the process and perhaps gain some more paid work as a result of my efforts, today’s post is about my abilities as a technologist.

Currently one of the jobs that I do is to I help people with their Business Computer Systems and one of my main clients is MoneyPenny Agency, another I assist is APN Business Consultants and so I have a great deal of Experience with MX Mail, DNS and hosting plus also a great deal of Computer Hardware and software experience which I learnt whilst employed at the excellent Computer Outsource Company Our It Department, where I worked for approximately 6 years.

I like to tinker with systems and especially have built this wonderful Raspberry Pi for Silly Billy’s Toy shop which simply displays a Facebook feed using WordPress installed on the Raspberry Pi.

I build and install Linux on older laptops as they run better than a continually updating Windows OS. I am also proficient with Mac OS, Chrome OS, Windows from 3.1 up and most variants of Linux. As my old Technical Director said of me:

it is not often you come across someone with such great Technical Ability and also the customer focused communication skills to run alongside them.

If you need any help with IT Systems, hardware or software then get in touch.

Day 4 and Day 5 are being published one after the other as I am quite busy with other things as well as trying my best to improve my own online presence with these blog posts.

Recently I even went back to some basic IT studies and completed a Full Apprenticeship in IT Skills with BTEC Level 3, a bit like going backwards though I quite enjoyed it and it was free!

robert a williams techie


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