Choosing a Camera, with Some Help

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This article will help you choosing your first camera.

Photography is a hobby of both mine and my partners and other family members of mine. Recently we have entered some competitions and although not Winners in some we have done well and been cited.

There are many many camera models out there so we suggest you look at this fantastic article for some wonderful help:

A creative hobby such as photography can not only be rewarding but can also have positive health effects.

However some people, especially complete beginners, can find it a daunting pastime to get into.

Not only are there many different types of cameras, from small compacts to DSLRs, but also a whole new lexicon to contend with. Words and phrases like ‘pixel count’ and ‘image stabiliser system’ can be off putting and a little scary if you don’t know what they mean.

The following comprehensive guide to selecting a camera will also explain the science behind key features in simple terms.

On a personal level, I have been taking photographs for many years, starting out with a simple film compact before moving onto a DSLR and now back to film photography. I hope that by sharing some of my knowledge and experience you will be able to find a camera that not only suits you but allows you to grow and develop in your new hobby, creating satisfying images for years to come.

Read more of this fantastic Article on Choosing a Camera

Visit some of my own images that I have hosted online here

We hope you have some fun times ahead with your camera and choosing which model to buy. For more exciting reviews please visit and sign up with Jen Reviews

For details of fun competitions please visit this link at From The Horse’s Mouth

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