Fasting Day Six

I am happy to say Day 6 went almost without any difficulties, I glided through the Fast Day with ease. I was in such a good space by the end of the working day that I decided to treat my children to Pizza from our local and superb pizzeria, Marco’s Cafe.
Pizza is one of my favourite things, and Pizza from Marco’s is always superb, so it was a little challenging to walk into the Cafe and see a Margherita being cut up for a customer in front of me whilst I placed my order. The pizza’s were made for takeaway so I left after placing the order and met Bill to pick up my keys which I had stupidly left in the shop. One thing the fast is demonstrating is that my mind is not functioning like it used to.

My next stop was Oasis Food and Wine to get some organic coffee, I would have gone to Pennine Provisions but it was closed. Whilst there I purchased some Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits (another one of my favourite things!) and wagon wheels for my children. The organic coffee was for a coffee enema. Yesterday I purchased an enema bag on Amazon Prime as someone I know is doing a food fast as well in Turkey but also having enemas.
I have not had an enema before so I thought I would give it a go.
Instructions I read here suggested that I use three tablespoons of organic coffee to a litre of filtered water. With hindsight I think this might have been a little strong.
enema bag

The coffee enema experience was interesting, I won’t go into too much detail but curiously a substantial more liquid went in than came out. I managed to hold the coffee in for around 40 mins, this came as quite a surprise as most information stated that the first time you wouldn’t be able to hold liquids for long. The outcome from this was that the caffeine in the coffee then made me high as a kite.

I certainly could not sleep and the mind chatter had increased substantially, (DARN). I had read on one of the numerous articles on the internet that I researched regarding coffee enemas that it would not have the same affect as drinking coffee. Well, I’m not so sure. Anyway, it hasn’t drawn me to drinking coffee again, but I do wonder where the residual liquid went?

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