Happy New Year – Forgiveness

Happy New Year Everybody (well not quite)

This time of year is a time for forgiveness right ? Yet sometimes you come across people that you just cannot forgive. There are two such people in my life. I have written them off completely as human beings capable of compassion, even though one often purports to be Buddhist, and I know they blame me for certain past acts which I am not directly responsible for. Though that is not to say that I do not hold any responsibility for what may have happened, in fact if all of us realised that we are all responsible for what is around us then the World would be a more forgiving and even more wonderous place than it is already.

So I am putting this post out onto the internet and perhaps the people I am talking about will read it one day. I will not forgive you for what you have put my children through, and to a certain extent and with hindsight I feel it was wrong of me to allow my younger children to spend so much time with you in the past. Nevertheless, that has now happened. I do not wish you any malice and would just like you to know that if I ever see you or come anywhere near your energy again I will move out of the way. I have no space or room for you in my life in any way.

I am not so sure Jesus or Buddha would think that this would be such a great way to act, at the end of the day though I am simply a human being. A single dad to three, who has been through some of the most difficult times and now, although in many ways there is more stability in my life, it remains to be a challenge managing my children and what their mother managed to leave them, in a nutshell property and debt.

I wonder, can I send loving kindness to these people? Yes I probably could, if I did not have any knowledge of their past actions, can we forgive the Hitler’s or Stalin’s of this world? Should we forget about the damage such human beings as Stalin and Hitler have caused to others around them?

How can such differences be reconciled? The way I cope is to simply have nothing to do with the two people I am talking about and I sincerely hope that I will never come across them again. This seems to work well when one of them lives half a mile from me and I have not seen them in over 1 year. So long may that continue.

Now I was going to end this short post with a blessing to all beings excepting the two people I am talking about. That would seem more than a little petulant and also very unevolved (is that a word?).

So to end I would just like to wish all beings peace, harmony and Happiness in 2017 including those two people mentioned, nonetheless I hold with my statement of never wishing to see you again in this lifetime. I will not be attending your funerals and it is entirely up to my children as to whether they choose to. Pretty sure the eldest one will not.

Robert A Williams


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