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Shooting LEGO Bricks

It seems that some Americans are insistent on using the word LEGOs which I do not really think is a word. As far as I am concerned LEGO is both singular and plural, like the word “sheep”. This post is a traffic test…. Going from some advice from my friend, Mick Meaney of Profit Co-Pilot, I have decided to create this blog post with the aim of obtaining more traffic, so using the tips that Mick gives in this traffic source video. I have sourced the video below in the way Mick describes. This video has an amazing amount of views, almost 6 million, and has content about two things that I like, LEGO bricks and shooting. So without further ado here is the excellent video:

LEGO, being made of Plastic, is unlikely to be bullet-proof and this video gives a nice overview of what different caibre bullets can do to a lot of LEGO bricks. Is shooting LEGO bricks a thing then? Well not really, and here we see why.

LEGO is stocked in Hebden Bridge at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and I am the content manager for the shop. I was thinking of putting the video on Silly Billy’s blog though really it is not suitable for the audience in my opinion.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and associated video content.

One objective I have this year is to get 3,000 page likes for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, so before you are completely done here it would be great if you could head over to Silly Billy’s Facebook Page and give them a like.

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