SEO and Marketing

SEO and Marketing

For those of you who don’t know yet, I have been working on SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) for some years now and today was a Top Success story as it is Small Business Saturday #SmallBizSatUK

Radio 6 Music were doing a promotion for Independent shops and I cleverly created a shout out on National Radio for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop just before the News at 12 30pm. OKAY, it was a very short mention but as Huey Lewis threw it in the mix I feel sure it had a lot of energy and reached a million or more ears.

What does this demonstrate:

  1. That Twitter works and is effective as this is where I made the mention from
  2. I am excellent at SEO and Marketing and for more information go hereĀ

Are you struggling with your website visibility, is your traffic low and your acquisitions poor? Would you like to consult with one of the Top SEO experts in the UK then I suggest you get in touch, do it soon as I am getting busier daily.





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