Tarot Review – Barry Bailey in Whitby

It is seldom that you meet a Tarot Reader with as much wisdom and insight as Barry.

I am very grateful to have met Barry, and for some mysterious reason in past visits to Whitby I had missed his shop which is just at the end of the Cobbled Street past the Captain Cook Museum. Barry runs a successful Witchcraft shop and is very spiritually connected. The cards and his reading resonated with me fully and it was unusual to have such a deep and insightful reading for the very modest sum of £25 from someone who I  have not met before this lifetime (to my knowledge); that is not to say our paths may have crossed in previous incarnations, of which I have a strong feeling.

As some people know I am also an aspiring Tarot reader and it has been brought up at various points in my life that my knowledge of symbols and divination harks back to may previous lifetimes, including a big one in the pre-Christian era BC in Egypt, enough about that for now.

So if you are looking for a reading I would have no doubt in recommending Barry as one of the finest Tarot readers I have so far met this lifetime. Barry comes from a different place to Ivor, a successful Tarot reader in Brighton, who I usually visit when down South. Barry used the Hermetic Tarot for his reading with me, and a spread which was unusual called a “Pathway Spread” which was explained in great detail prior to the reading commencing. Very unusually, Barry also gives you the opportunity to opt out of the reading at no charge after the first two cards are drawn. For me the reading lasted approximately 90 minutes and the longest Barry has done for someone, he told me, was 6 hours and he still charged them only £25! So if you are after a top notch reading I thoroughly recommend a visit to Barry when you are next in Whitby, also advisable to book ahead with the reading is long and if Barry is on his own in the shop he needs to lock the door as the reading is obviously private.
Easiest way to get in touch is via Spiritual Connections Facebook Page and you will get a speedy response there.

You can also get a shorter reading either with Tarot or Runes for only a fiver !!


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