The Four of Cups

The Four of Cups

In two consecutive days the Four of Cups has been the card that I have drawn and it indicates some emotional stagnation or apathy. Emotionally I feel quite at odds with the reality of my life, this could fall into the category of Apathy. Obviously by drawing the same card on two consecutive days it suggests there is more to learn for me in the Four of Cups.

The Four of Cups can be seen to be a card with much emotional significance. Potentially being jaded with life or what it has to offer. I think and I have felt too caught up in the to-ings and fro-ings of life and not aligned with my spiritual side which I am endeavouring to incorporate more into life through Tarot. In the past I have meditated although in the last couple of years I have dropped a regular Sadhana in favour of fully experiencing the moment as it is.

Nonetheless, I am not a Saint nor a Monk and my life isn’t such and rather the life of a householder. As such I am sometimes aggrieved by the situation I find myself in. The fact that I am solely responsible for three children and I manage property for them which has no security for me. in fact in five years I am looking at being homeless !
Four of Cups

So the four of cups is a difficult card, is there an opportunity I am missing? I have recently decided to invest in Tarot Training as Tarot has been an interest of mine for a very long time now and the time seems right to now develop it. On a forum I am a part of someone wrote :
“I have been drawing this everyday for the past two weeks it means that there is clear opportunity staring you in the face but due to some reason mainly in my case it’s defensiveness and being over critical that we let these opportunities go! So maybe this could be a time to keep your senses alert and see any opportunities that are being offered to you and assess them to see in case they fit well in your circumstance and grab them it is a card of past emotions determining your future decisions the hand is the hand in the universe offering you renewed energy accept it”

Here are some online resources I have used to further aid my understanding of the Four of Cups:

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