The million-dollar blogger and his life of total travel

(CNN)There can not be many full-time bloggers on the planet who employ wealth managers.

Johnny Ward, a 32-year-old Irishman set on “living existence with passion,” is a.
He’s certainly one of a number of travel bloggers on the planet earning six-figure incomes every year through their blogging.
    Inside a couple of days he’ll develop a decade-old mission to visit every country on the planet, a mission he’s documenting on his onestep4ward blog.
    A remarkable achievement by itself. That he’s had the ability to earn greater than $a million during the last 3 years through blogging puts him firmly within the “whaaaaa?” group of inspirational own-your-own-existence tales.
    And that he appears astonished that so couple of other medication is doing exactly the same.
    It’s difficult to inform whether he thinks us office drones are dumb or he’s sympathy for the plight. But he speaks using the enthusiasm of the evangelist who’s seen the sunshine and should not believe nobody else is even searching.
    “Basically can perform this, anybody can perform it,” he states via Skype from the stylish two-bed apartment in Bangkok he bought outright together with his earnings. “You just need a little bit of belief.”

    Money matters

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    And that he appears to really accept is as true.
    “I have been extolling the benefits of chasing your dreams and living the disposable existence that you would like to reside and never joining the 9 to 5 slog for a long time, you realize. So it is a bit disappointing that just after i mention the cash will it go viral.
    “I realize it — cash is important and I am grateful for the attention. But it is just a little sad too.”
    He’s talking about last summer time, when Business Insider, HuffPo, Forbes yet others selected up his $1-million-in-three-years story.
    What comes simple to Ward does not come simple to everybody.
    His tale starts in the year 2006, as he left college within the United kingdom and headed right to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to educate British.
    He earned peanuts.
    Following a year he gone to live in Sydney like a sales repetition, cold-calling customers, and earned $20,000 commission in a single month.
    Ward rapidly highlights which was a 1-off — but ideas get our first clue to Ward’s success — he’s a born salesperson.
    “I’ve not a problem requesting the planet. If you do not ask you do not get,Inch he concedes.
    Getting saved some cash, and growing tired of the cubicle existence, Ward quit to visit. But made to see out his notice period, he began your blog.
    On a trip through Ethiopia he won his first ad.
    “An excellent day. I began posting more frequently, by Christmas I had been making about $500 per month.
    “During this time period too everything about Search engine optimization and link-building was beginning to consider off. By 2011 I had been hitting $1,000-2,000 per month and that i was beginning to understand this was legit, which i could really make a living carrying this out.Inch
    He launched and purchased more websites.
    “Eventually I had been making up to five figures per month, using the best month being $60,000. Which was amazing. Therefore i labored out that averaging about $30,000 per month, over 3 years I made about $a million. It’s all regulated totally accurate and real.”

    ‘I would like to be free’

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    From his single blog his stable is continuing to grow close to 250 websites and Ward also now runs a web-based media company.
    Inside a move “Some-Hour WorkweekInch author Tim Ferriss would are proud of, he outsources many of the hard graft so he is able to work only a couple of hrs every week.
    He states: “Among the finest to become free, you realize. I wish to be financially sufficiently strong so that you can do things i want. If I wish to visit South america tomorrow, I would like so that you can go. There you have it.

    2009: Began a travel blog, posting a couple of times per week

    2010: Had a request just one $85 ad

    2010: Published more often, saw more ads are available in

    2011: Generated revenue as high as $2,000 monthly

    2013: Began to increase with increased sites and much more content marketing

    2013: Hit a higher of $60,000 in one month

    2015: Passed 250 websites under management and $a million in earnings

    “A minimum of Personally i think that I am not wasting my existence. I hear people counting lower, ‘Only 45 days till I am going to Bermuda for any week!’ and i believe, what’s happening?
    “When i state I am maximizing my existence, I am not consuming Lengthy Island iced teas within the The maldives, you realize. I am maximizing my encounters, and that i go to sleep thinking well which was a awesome week, and then week’s likely to be awesome too. That’s what i’m saying.Inch
    Ward is filled with anecdotes, any kind of which might be a scene from the Stallone/Van Damme/Schwarzenegger blockbuster.
    Scattered included in this are throwaway comments like “therefore i spoken my way to avoid it of this.Inch More clues to how she got where he’s.
    There’s his visit to Angola, a difficult travel prospect at the very best of occasions, which started badly because he sitting in gridlocked traffic soon after landing.
    “All of a sudden two dudes rock to the vehicle alongside me, rip open the doorway, shoot the man and grab something from the vehicle.
    “This gunman was scared now, you realize, clearly the adrenaline was hurrying, and as it were he looked into my vehicle, directly into my eyes, and that i find myself looking back at him.
    “My driver then hits the gas so we move away, however the crazy factor was I had been losing it and my driver’s just comfortably poking fun at me, since it switched out he wiped out 40 individuals the civil war there years before! It is a crazy country.”

    Unreal tales

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    Or there is the time he attempted to smuggle themself over the border from Ivory Coast to Sierra Leone, two times, got caught, two times, and through the armed escort towards the airport terminal observed a bus crash with “dead physiques everywhere.”
    Or even the age of in Kabul whenever a suicide bomber struck. Or even the age of in Tibet when an earthquake hit Nepal.
    “Now after i tell these tales, it almost seems like I am which makes it up, he states. “I have got photos from it basically it might be a part of your history. They do not feel real any longer, it’s weird.”
    Hotels now pay him to create about the subject. “When you are 100,000 social supporters you won’t ever have to pay for any hotel again.”
    And despite being hit with a Google formula change that halved his revenue in 2014/2015, “it’s rarely dipped below five figures inside a month.”
    Ward, to his credit, appears to possess continued to be grounded, or even a little vulnerable.
    He lately split from his girlfriend of countless years, and authored a sincere blog publish titled “Travel, love and heartbreak.”

    The need to stay

    Among Ward’s 115 to-do list items, mostly the typical adrenaline/question-seeking stuff (“Learn how to snowboard” “Party in Rio”) are a couple of that stick out, products 36 and 37: “get wedInch and “have kids.”
    Their list is incidentally another clue to his success — every item considered, dedicated to paper (or perhaps a website) and gratifyingly entered out once achieved.
    “I am an excellent-goal-oriented person. These missions produce a feeling of completion.”
    Next is really a similarly goal-oriented intend to travel the planet Jules Verne-style, in 80 days. But he readily admits that the existence of constant movement could be tiring.
    “I would like basics, where I’ve buddies and may party and also the people store know the face. There is no way I wish to bounce around indefinitely.”
    With two, possibly three qualities (pending a brand new purchase) in Bangkok and London, and thousands staying with you (he isn’t a significant uniform yet, he does not think, but he’s getting close), that needs to be certainly one of his simpler challenges yet.

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