The Weird Weather in Hebden Bridge

The Weather in the Calder Valley

Many folk say Hebden Bridge is weird. The Author has been here for a decade now and one thing he finds weird is the weather.
As is my want often of a Saturday Morning to listen to the Huey Show on BBC Radio 6; I find that instead of Huey, Katie Puckrick is sitting in. One of the first words I hear from the DJ is “on this beautiful sunny day…”. What the hell??

I am looking out of the window of Silly Billy’s and the usual grey that hangs over the valleys in which Hebden Bridge nestles, like some sort of oppressive dirty sheet, regardless of season, is once again the view greeting me. Great, the weather here never ceases to test my equanimity.
I bought a box of water pistols down from the store-room today to go with the paddling pools I wrote about the other day and the main thought that came to me was “why bother”. Indeed Katie’s first word’s of her morning show on Radio 6 have thrown what I considered to be an equanimous state towards the abhorrent weather in Hebden Bridge to one of just general weather depressiveness.
Happy Summer to everyone else in the UK


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