Trump Just Threw His Staff Under The Bus In Twitter Rant That May Doom Travel Ban Legally

Like a petulant child who would rather stick a thumb in the eye of a parent than avoid long-term accident, President Trump’s willful self-destruction took a newly defiant type this morning.After weeks of White

Home aides insisting that, in spite of Trump tweets that seemed to oppose them, the President’s Muslim travel ban was not really a travel ban at all. His personnel’s efforts have been deemed legally required for Trump to retain any remaining hope of restoring his unconstitutional bans in the Supreme Court.Rather than work with his team for the solution he desired, the President weakened them and undermined his own objective with 4 early morning tweets, beginning with this: People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, however I am calling

it exactly what we need and exactly what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!Seemingly determined to cover every self-destructive angle, Trump then included another legally damning declaration, once again calling the restriction a”diluteded”version of the first one, which the New york city Times reported”made it harder for his attorneys to argue that it was a tidy break from the earlier one.”The President is assaulting the Justice Department in these next tweets for an executive order that he himself signed: The Justice Dept. must have remained with the original Travel Restriction, not the watered

down, politically right variation they sent to S.C.The Justice Dept. must ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Restriction prior to the Supreme Court– & seek much harder version!In his

last tweet, the President attacks the really courts who will choose the fate of his Muslim travel ban: In any event we are SEVERE VETTING people coming into the U.S. in order to assist keep our nation safe. The courts are slow and political!The unfortunate paradox of this is that while the President at the same time defend and sabotages his travel restriction under the guise of keeping

our nation safe, he is not doing anything to avoid

real attacks and has inflamed anti-American sentiment abroad.In completion we might be saved from the President’s damaging agenda, a minimum of in part, by his own incompetence. While that may mitigate the damage nevertheless, it makes his acts no less shameful.

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