Twitter is using the power of Donald Trump to entice Japanese users to sign up

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To advertise the character of real-time news on its platform, Twitter is popping to 1 of their more unfiltered, famous users U.S. president Jesse Trump.

The social networking is plastering his likeness on its billboard ads throughout Tokyo’s railway stations, supported through the hashtag #TrumpAdministration () along with a catchphrase: “There’s a ‘now’ you do not know about.”

TWITTER: @twitter has this ad on the JR Yamanote train… #

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Trump has stated before he’s had to go to the 140-character platform to broadcast the “truth,” to battle reports about him he feels are inaccurate.

The 2009 week, Trump also told the FT: “With no tweets, I would not be around. I’ve over 100 million supporters [on social networking]…I do not must see the fake media.”

He’s 27.4 million supporters on Twitter alone.

[H/T: RocketNews]

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