Weather – Things you cannot change

The Weather – Things you cannot change

I went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for a while. They use the Serenity Prayer in meetings and it goes like this:

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

So we cannot change the Weather, that is a truth. What we can change though is our environment by moving or re-locating. So I have often said how completely shit the weather is in Hebden Bridge, and being at the confluence of three valleys and our house being located pretty much at the bottom of the valley. In fact evidence of how shit the weather is here has been affirmed by a neighbour of mine who has lived here longer than me and is also from outside of the Calder Valley. She said to me not so long ago:
“You know, I always used to say to you ‘Stop moaning about the weather, it’s not that bad. Well, I was wrong. It’s awful and I have come round to your way of thinking'”

Speaking generally I don’t want people to come round to my way of thinking or anyone else’s, people should be able to think for themselves. What is noteworthy though is that the weather here is poop. You don’t move to this area for the Weather, that is for sure. You could move here for the variety of Independent Shops on the other hand.
After living in Hebden Bridge for well over a decade I feel that the weather here does not suit my body at all. My body would much rather be in warmer climes and unfortunately I could not move from here after the sudden death of my children’s mother in 2008.

When Sarah died I had the option potentially of either choosing to not look after the children that were mine, this choice would have been deplorable and I would be a terrible person as a result. Or the choice of liquidating the Children’s assets as left by their mum through probate (Sarah had no Will so went through UK Law). At the time I felt that my children had already suffered enough with the sudden demise of their mum that relocating them to another county would have not been a good move. Especially as they were all expressing a desire at the time to continue to live in the House in Hebden Bridge which had belonged to their mum. This is the house in which I now reside, though have no ownership over, a bit of a strange situation of itself.

Now reflecting on the Serenity Prayer there were things that I could have potentially changed yet I felt I had the Wisdom to accept that in fact they could not be changed, in this case complete relocation of my children and myself in 2009, that did not take place. The result of that though has been a further 8 years in pretty awful weather conditions and in a Town that has suffered three major floods in the time I have lived here.

So do I accept the things that did not change?
Unfortunately not as well as I could because I still moan about the weather here.

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