Worry and Stress

Various medical journals have stated that worry and stress are modern day killers. I am not going to discuss how this has come about, or how the speed of information flow has put a burden on the speed of human’s getting things done, rather what we as individuals can do about it. If there was less stress and less concern in the world then wouldn’t it be a happier place to live in? So what do you do about the stress, worry or anxiety that you have ?

It should be noted at this point that there is a very simple solution to what is a seemingly complex problem. The solution is to meditate. That is all you need to do. 30 minutes a day, somewhere quiet, eyes closed, see what arises.
The easiest meditation in terms of technique is probably the Buddhist Anapana Sati meditation, that is simply watching your breath as it happens. You don’t need any training or any ezquipent to do this meditation as you have all the tools to hand, simply breathing and sitting. Breathing is a natural process, it happens without an intervention from your mind. As such it is one of the easiest ways to get out of the monkey mind head-space and into a world of peace.

So this is really all you need to do: Sit comfortably with your spine straight and neck slightly bent, it should almost be like there is a thread coming down from the heavens keeping your head gently upright. Then simply focus your attention on the breath coming in and out of your nostrils, that’s it. Should your mind wander to thoughts of other aspects of your life, then gently bring your attention back to your breath, do not berate yourself. Do not get cross or think you cannot do it, just keep going.
That’s it.

One very great introduction to meditation and a system in itself of meditation and ways of living life is Vipassana, here are some people talking about their experiences:


What happens through meditation is a release of your own inner belief systems and those are what often cause stress and anxiety as beliefs are effectively limitations to your understanding. A belief in anything can cause undue stress and anxiety so it is good to take some time out and come to understand what your own belief systems and are and in what ways they may be limiting you.

Without belief systems to tie you in and limit you untold Magic can unfold, here’s two examples, that some people might think is coincidence though really it is not, as the likelihood of these happenings happening how they happened are probably very very slim indeed:-

Two happenings that were noticed today, within 3 hours of each other:

  1. I was a part of a group chatting outside about nothing in particular and then we focused on an area of Hebden where we have all walked at some time called Nutclough Woods, at this point in the conversation a car pulled up and the driver asked “Can you tell me where Nutclough is?”
  2. I was chatting to a friend outside a cafe and he was talking about how a friendship of his had ended with a particular person, he went in to great detail describing the particular person and as this conversation was happening, the said person came along and entered the Cafe

Now what part did I play in these events? I am not really too sure, though it has crossed my mind that I might have some power as an amplifier of certain metaphysical happenings.

Anyway, getting backed to worry and stress I do have a strong sense that at an earlier time of my life when I was far more worried and stressed, such events as those described above would have completely passed me by. So  what needs to happen, I strongly feel, for people to become more aware and more awake to life and the magic within it is simply meditate, when you have meditated for long enough a transition happens in which you go from being the meditator and observer of life, to life itself being the meditation.

If you need any help with that or are not sure what to do then get in touch with me.

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Lastly to end this piece on worry and stress and a possible solution I would just like to say:

​meditation is the key to being happy regardless of what happens. If you have never done any then give it a go. if you have been doing it for years then why not stop and see how life is for you then. Whatever you do practise makes you both perfect and imperfect!
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